Amman Little League Sponsor - Sugar Daddy's

Sugar Daddy's is a place to walk into and feel deliciously overwhelmed by display cases filled with cupcakes in every imaginable color, counters crowded with classic American layer cakes, and the unforgettable aroma of freshly baked pies, cookies, bars and squares the way Grandma used to make them.  You will immediately feel embraced by childhood memories of birthday parties when you couldn’t wait for the cake to be sliced into so you could fight to get the piece with the flowers on it.  After all, everyone loves food that reminds them of a less complicated time in their lives, especially when it’s lovingly prepared with the freshest ingredients.  That’s one reason why Sugar Daddy's will make you feel right at home… Only at Sugar Daddy's will you be able to slow down and while away an afternoon sipping your favorite beverage and enjoying some delectable, nostalgic treats that spell comfort and love.