Amman Little League Sponsor - Jabbok Farms

At Jabbok Farms we believe that food should be more than just organic... that is why we specialize in Ancient Farming. Our breeds are many hundreds of years old, and everything is planted in the soil, outdoors, and in season. Even treatments which are approved for organic use are not used. Someone lovingly described us as Arabia's Amish =)  Our yield is only 15% of what regular organic farms can grow... but our produce has up to 5 times more vitamins and minerals, and up to 100 times more element diversity that regular organic produce. Make an order and we will deliver it straight to your doorstep... or, rent your own Ancient Food Garden and we'll grow it, harvest it, and deliver it to you upon your request. For further info please check out our Facebook page at

JABBOK FARMS... 18th century food, 21st century convenience