Amman Little League Sponsor - The Funnel Cakery

Funnel Cakes are the perfect dessert solution. Everyone will enjoy their own personal funnel cake topped just the way they like it! The Funnel Cakery is perfect for:

  • Festivals, Carnivals and Fairs: Be sure to have the treat that they come for…Funnel Cakes!
  • Employee or Customer Appreciation: Funnel Cakes are a great and unique way to say thank you!
  • Family Reunion: Looking for something everyone will like? Funnel cakes are sure to be a hit with young and old alike.
  • As a Snack or Break: We can fry your Funnel cakes for you in a break room, training room, atrium or parking lot or even your home.
  • Company Picnic: Want something different for this year's company picnic? Try Funnel Cakes! Once only available at fairs and carnivals, your company can now enjoy them any time.
  • Weddings & Pre-weddings: Offer your guests something different that they'll be sure to remember.
  • Parties: Funnel Cakes are always the most in demand treat.

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