Amman Little League Sponsor - Four Winters

The Four Winters ice cream revolution brings together culinary art and innovative technology to deliver an unbelievably creamy, flavorful and rich ice cream.

It all starts with the seasons. Four Winters makes ice cream using seasonal produce which we acquire locally.  These fresh ingredients are brought to our ice cream chefs, who transform them into liquid combinations bursting with flavor. Each ice cream serving at Four Winters is created one cup at a time. This is a magical moment. Behind the magic there is art and science. Liquid nitrogen allows us to freeze your ice cream instantaneously in a safe and healthy manner.

Oh, and it enables us to create an ice cream so smooth, it’s actually hard to believe your mouth. Four Winters brings surprise and delight back to ice cream.

Up the cool at your next party with Four Winters catering. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, garden parties, corporate events, school functions, open days, whatever the event maybe Four Winters can cater to it. We bring a miniature Four Winters outlet exclusively to your event.

Four Winters Locations:
Abdoun- Fawzi Al Kawekji St                                               Abdali- The Boulevard
Phone No. 0785214444                                                    L1 of the East Square