The Team Mom's Role

A team mom is there is be a mom for the team.  Her administrative responsibility to the team parents is to send out the team roster, practice and game schedule and organize the snack roster. Some moms even send texts to remind parents of practices and game times.


Her main responsibility to insure team safety is to have the first aid kit present at all games and practices, especially ice packs (the first aid kits are available from the Head Team Mom, Liza Tarawneh). The team mom and the coach should make sure every player has been picked up before leaving the practice field.

Her primary responsibility on game day is to keep the players safe, making sure the offensive players are wearing helmets and the remaining players are behind the wire enclosures. It is also helpful to remind kids to drink water, apply sunscreen or wear a jacket if it's cold. For coach-pitch and kid-pitch, getting the player rosters organized and making sure kids are ready in batting order is also important.

Note to all parents about team snacks:

Team snacks are a nice way for parents to encourage the kids with a post-game snack or treat. It is not intended to be a breakfast or lunch substitute, and can be anything the parent desires to bring, from donuts or cookies to sandwiches, and a drink. Please do not publicly judge the quality of the snacks provided, as not all families have the same budgets. If your child has special dietary restraints, please pack a snack for them. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure the child leaves the home with a good breakfast before playing on Fridays.