Why Am I Signing Up to be a Team Mom for the 5th Year in a Row?

Yes, why am I?

Well, our family began our baseball career in 2008 when we tentatively signed up our two sons for T-ball.  “We’ll just try it out this year,” we said.  “If they don’t like it, at least they tried it.”

Little did we know how baseball would become our Friday sub-culture for 3 months every year!

The biggest person who helped us feel part of the Amman Little League Baseball family was our boys’ team mom.  She answered all of our questions.  She attended almost every game and practice.  She connected us new moms with the seasoned bleachers-sitting, ever-cheering, water-bottle-providing, sunscreen-smearing baseball moms.

My boys wanted me to be their team mom the next year!  I still felt like a “newbie,” but I signed up anyway.  After all, we’re doing this baseball thing for them, and I want them to feel my support (and they LOVE it!).  I called our last year’s Team Mom several times for team-mom-coaching, but what fun we had that year! 

I enjoy the duties of Team Mom:

  • connecting with the moms on our team 
  • keeping track of the snack schedule sign-up and reminding moms weekly
  • reminding little baseball players to stop kicking sand and swinging bats randomly
  • passing out team uniforms and hats
  • bringing the first aid kit to every game and practice
  • making sure new families get their questions answered
  • getting messages from the League or coach to the families on the team
  • But mostly just chatting and cheering… that’s what all of us moms do anyway, right?  I just do it with a Team Mom T-shirt on now.

And now it’s becoming a sort-of tradition.  Now, every spring around February 1st or so, my kids’ banter around the table sounds a bit like this:  “Mom should be Team Mom for my team this year.”  “No, she was your Team Mom last year.  It’s my turn now.”  “Well, she’s only been Team Mom once for me.”  “Yeah, but that’s because you’ve only played baseball for two seasons so far.”  “OK.  Maybe she can be Team Mom for all of us?” 

Woah.  That’s where I step in and say, “I would LOVE to be Team Mom for you all, but I can only handle one team.”  And it goes on from there.

If you love your baseball player (and I know you do), and you aren’t nursing a baby (although I’ve done that, too!), and you know how to use text messaging or email, I highly recommend that you try signing up for Team Mom.  Join the ranks of Baseball Team Moms this year! (And get a free Team Mom shirt while you’re at it!)