Team Mom Basics

A team mom is the social "glue" of the team. Her role is vital in making the season run smoothly!  

Though every team mom has her own unique style, her basic responsibilities are:


  • To communicate important team announcements to all players - practice times, game times, changes to schedule, etc.
  • To distribute team uniforms at the start of the season
  • To take responsibility for the team medical bag including:
    • Getting the medical bag from the head team mom at the start of the first game of the season
    • Ensuring that the team medical bag is present for each practice or game
    • Returning the medical bag to the head team mom immediately after the last game of the season
  • To collect medical waiver forms from each of the players and to ensure that those forms are present at each practice or game
  • To coordinate a snack schedule for post-game snacks
  • To coordinate the giving of a small gift from all the players to the coach at the end of the season