Amman Little League Sponsor - Hala Chips

For the past 35 years, Hala Chips have committed to introducing only the best snacks; winning the hearts and taste buds of Jordanians of all ages. The secret? We just simply do it right and right here in Jordan. 


Facebook: HalaChips

Amman Little League Sponsor - La Mirabelle

La Mirabelle café is named after a rare fruit that only grows in the Northeastern part of France, in the Province of Lorraine. It is one of a kind pastry shop and café situated in Shmiesani next to Shmiesani Hospital and another branch in Abdoun next to Abdoun Mall.

The tradition of Zalatimo Sweets Company is carried on through La Mirabelle. The combination of the authentic French pastries and outstanding service welcomes you to a place where perfection is second nature, and guest satisfaction takes precedence.

Please visit us on FaceBook at   lamirabellejo           

Telephone            Shmiesani: 568-1018             Abdoun; 565-6026

Amman Little League Sponsor - Music Whale

Music Whale is a comprehensive music talent center. Specialized in early beginner music teaching programs starting with 3 year old kids. Programs cover all instruments and vocal skills. We are Located in Um Uthainah, Gold souk Diva building mobile 0795857373.

Amman Little League Sponsor - Jabbok Farms

At Jabbok Farms we believe that food should be more than just organic... that is why we specialize in Ancient Farming. Our breeds are many hundreds of years old, and everything is planted in the soil, outdoors, and in season. Even treatments which are approved for organic use are not used. Someone lovingly described us as Arabia's Amish =)  Our yield is only 15% of what regular organic farms can grow... but our produce has up to 5 times more vitamins and minerals, and up to 100 times more element diversity that regular organic produce. Make an order and we will deliver it straight to your doorstep... or, rent your own Ancient Food Garden and we'll grow it, harvest it, and deliver it to you upon your request. For further info please check out our Facebook page at

JABBOK FARMS... 18th century food, 21st century convenience

Amman Little League Sponsor - Sugar Daddy's

Sugar Daddy's is a place to walk into and feel deliciously overwhelmed by display cases filled with cupcakes in every imaginable color, counters crowded with classic American layer cakes, and the unforgettable aroma of freshly baked pies, cookies, bars and squares the way Grandma used to make them.  You will immediately feel embraced by childhood memories of birthday parties when you couldn’t wait for the cake to be sliced into so you could fight to get the piece with the flowers on it.  After all, everyone loves food that reminds them of a less complicated time in their lives, especially when it’s lovingly prepared with the freshest ingredients.  That’s one reason why Sugar Daddy's will make you feel right at home… Only at Sugar Daddy's will you be able to slow down and while away an afternoon sipping your favorite beverage and enjoying some delectable, nostalgic treats that spell comfort and love.