Amman Little League Sponsor - The Funnel Cakery

Funnel Cakes are the perfect dessert solution. Everyone will enjoy their own personal funnel cake topped just the way they like it! The Funnel Cakery is perfect for:

  • Festivals, Carnivals and Fairs: Be sure to have the treat that they come for…Funnel Cakes!
  • Employee or Customer Appreciation: Funnel Cakes are a great and unique way to say thank you!
  • Family Reunion: Looking for something everyone will like? Funnel cakes are sure to be a hit with young and old alike.
  • As a Snack or Break: We can fry your Funnel cakes for you in a break room, training room, atrium or parking lot or even your home.
  • Company Picnic: Want something different for this year's company picnic? Try Funnel Cakes! Once only available at fairs and carnivals, your company can now enjoy them any time.
  • Weddings & Pre-weddings: Offer your guests something different that they'll be sure to remember.
  • Parties: Funnel Cakes are always the most in demand treat.

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Amman Little League Sponsor - Miqdadi

Agricultural Materials Company - Miqdadi was established in 1955 by the late Khalil Miqdadi. Today, the business is run by the Miqdadi family; who focuses mainly on supplying the farmer with all his agricultural needs from seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals, sprayers, and tools.

AMC has recently focused more on home gardens, which is why they’ve established a garden center in Dabouq across the road from Leaders. The shop carries all existing, high quality products. If you find your garden looking unhealthy, the shop also offers home consultations by our expert engineers, who can advise on problems such as diseases and mineral deficiencies that appear on plants.

We also offer pest control products from our sister company Contra, which can offer yearly contracts to manage pests in your home and place of business.

Agricultural Materials Company

140 Medical City Street (Across the road from leaders near Khalda circle)

Telephone: 06/5347800

Amman Little League Sponsor - Four Winters

The Four Winters ice cream revolution brings together culinary art and innovative technology to deliver an unbelievably creamy, flavorful and rich ice cream.

It all starts with the seasons. Four Winters makes ice cream using seasonal produce which we acquire locally.  These fresh ingredients are brought to our ice cream chefs, who transform them into liquid combinations bursting with flavor. Each ice cream serving at Four Winters is created one cup at a time. This is a magical moment. Behind the magic there is art and science. Liquid nitrogen allows us to freeze your ice cream instantaneously in a safe and healthy manner.

Oh, and it enables us to create an ice cream so smooth, it’s actually hard to believe your mouth. Four Winters brings surprise and delight back to ice cream.

Up the cool at your next party with Four Winters catering. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, garden parties, corporate events, school functions, open days, whatever the event maybe Four Winters can cater to it. We bring a miniature Four Winters outlet exclusively to your event.

Four Winters Locations:
Abdoun- Fawzi Al Kawekji St                                               Abdali- The Boulevard
Phone No. 0785214444                                                    L1 of the East Square

Amman Little League Sponsor - Persil

Persil is your laundry detergent expert that guarantees fiber-deep clean and shining bright laundry through German technology. Developed in 1907, Persil was the first self-acting detergent. Ever since, Persil has always set the pace of time to serve society's changing needs, combining innovation and continuity. Persil was for instance the first to launch a phosphate free detergent in 1986, demonstrating that sustainability is part of the brand's heritage. After this, many high performance innovations followed. Over time, the positive image and expertise of Persil has been recognized and awarded by many, describing the brand's equity well: "Persil combines washing performance, top quality and modernity." Throughout the years, Henkel expanded its Persil range. Eventually with a product – Persil Liquid – which was to revolutionize an already existing market.
It’s especially high surfactant content made the liquid laundry detergent a very powerful stain remover, even at low temperatures. Also developed Persil Color, the first heavy-duty detergent with color protection. It contains no bleach or optical brightener. Instead, it incorporates a discoloration inhibitor. Colored fabrics therefore look good longer, and the color does not bleed onto other items of laundry.

Amman Little League Sponsor - Luigi's Pizza

In 2002, upon its establishment, Luigi’s Pizza was one of the first wood oven delivery and take-out pizza places in Amman, offering its customer’s high quality and tasty thin crust Pizza made only from the best products and freshest ingredients.

Nestled among the houses of the 4th Circle in Amman, Luigi’s has since expanded to become a full-fledged restaurant, with indoor and outdoor seating, while maintaining its high standard and quality. Over the years, the menu has expanded to offer salads, soups, side dishes and pastas.  

With our two delivery cars, we can deliver as many pizzas as you want .. On time! Or … Bring your team mates, coaches and family and come enjoy a fresh hot out-of-the-oven pizza of your choice!

We are open 7 days a week, Saturday - Thursday from 11:00am until 11:00pm (last order 10:45) and on Fridays from 12:00pm until midnight (last order 11:45)

Luigi’s Pizza …. The best brick oven pizza in town… we guarantee you’ll keep coming back for more!!